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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everyone, we're so glad you joined us, i'm beth troutman, it's tuesday and you're watching "right this minute." the pictures are deeply disturbing. as people walk right past an injured 2-year-old.
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how the video is causing a wave of outrage across china. it's an occupy wall street proposal. >> will you occupy my life? >> will you occupy my life? >> you'll see the ring and also what the couple kept hidden during our interview. there's nothing in the world like having a big brother. >> see why 2-year-old milly can count on her 3-year-old brother when things get scarey. as racing advance mourn his passing, vintage video surfaces show dan wheldon had drive at an early age. and we hear from the basketball standout who dunks over his mom's head. >> did you have you know, a contingency plan? our first video today is incredibly difficult to watch. because it is very graphic. but people around the globe are talking about this. and now guys, this took place in
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fouchon, in china's kwaung dong province. you see a 2-year-old standing i. and then rolls -- right over her. >> oh, my god. >> he just walked past her. >> why won't anybody stop for this child? >> 18 people passed this 2-year-old. before the 19th person, who is a trash collector in this marketplace, stops to help. pulls her out of the road. and then frantically searches for the mother. here you see the mother come and pick up her 2-year-old limp body. and carry her away. this is video of the child's mother after the accident.>1 &
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ground. >> the thing was scraping the ground. >> the woman was in a track suit and had a fanny pack. she definitely could have walked wherever she was going. >> if you're that woman in the white and your stop is the next stop, how are you ever going to get off the bus? >> the bus across the street is half empty. >> it's going the other way. >> i would take a circle could i could get a seat. >> then you'd be theady in the white shirt. > ready wall
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street video? >> yes. >> this is a little bit different. >> mike check. >> mike check! >> deb. >> deb! >> i brought you down here in front of all of these people. >> i brought you down here in front of all of these people. >> to give you something you deserved for a long time. >> to give you something you've deserved for a long time. >> they're there as part of the occupy wall street protests, which have been going on since september and he wanted to use this huge occasion to -- confess his love to his woman. >> so deb, will you occupy my life? >> will you occupy my life. >> yes. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> awesome. >> well "right this minute" we have brian douglas and deb zebkowski via skype to talk about this special moment in their lives. >> brian, what made you want to do it at the occupy wall street protests? >> it hit me this would be an amazing opportunity to propose to her. and in a place that we both really care about. it was one of those things, as soon as i thought of it, i'm like, that's it, that's the thing to do. >> can we see the ring? >> yeah. it's -- >> we have to get it sized down. >> it's beautiful. >> we've been hiding a baby down here. but -- >> any verdict? >> not working. >> he was feeding. >> this is dominick. we got the baby before the marriage. but -- >> oh >> oh, how cute. >> what was the protesters' reaction like afterwards? >> everyone was really happy for us. i did do this thinking i want this to go out there and people to see this and smile and think good things when they think of
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occupy wall street. >> people are so happy to just see something, something positive. something that everybody could agree on. that's happy. >> oh my goodness. we've opened a world of opportunity to new creations and inventions, i'd like to show you one called the horn bike. >> this is horn bike, it is an accompaniment for the bike riders who also use iphone 4. it can be patched and fitted to different devices and handlebars. >> a silicone iphone case with the speaker in the shape of a horn attached to it. >> i thought this was a device so that you had a horn on your bike to like honk at people. >> a horn bike amplifiers with sound with no external power needed. which allows you to relax and listen to music while biking. >> it's basically a speaker on your iphone that you can strap on to your bike.
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>> you can use your iphone gps while biking without worrying about getting lost. >> that would prevent you from getting hit by a car. so many people have their ear phones in. it's a great safety idea. >> now that they're so easily accessible on bikes we'll see accidents of people texting while biking. there are going to be some problems. >> what if you have really bad taste in music and you're in the park and you come by and are listening to some awful band. >> i do see this could be annoying. it's not going to be me playing bad music, so you know, steven. >> you say that. >> i think the rest of the world might be okay, until someone invents the horn bike amplifier. then we may be in trouble. >> we're like the horn bike boom box. >> the horn bike you can ride freely with unlimited fun. boy, did this storm roll through lubbock, texas yesterday evening. this guy is in a parking lot
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with his family. >> what's so good about dust? >> there's nothing good about dirt. >> exactly. >> and he provides quite a bit of narration while this is going on. >> this is good, running for his life. oh, no, run, run! oh, my goodness. >> it's like night. >> this child actually sounds really scared. he wants to get out of there. >> somebody else got video as well. from their back yard. this is a sandstorm in lubbock, texas. >> you can see how quickly it moves in these videos. and how the sky can be just as clear and blue and then boom, a dust cloud rolls in. and it looks like somebody threw mud on the whole town. >> oh, my god. >> these winds were 50 to 60 miles per hour in the city of lubbock itself. trees were down. they had minor damage and downed
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power lines as well. >> it makes sense, if they had winds as high as 71 miles per hour they've been in a huge drought. there would be tons of loose, dry soil that would be picked up by the wind. herman cain is gunning for the republican presidential nomination. and many of us know he also used to be the ceo of godfather's pizza in the '80s and '90s. we know this guy's passionate about pizza. but did you know he used to sing about pizza? check this video out. herman cain, singing to the tune of john lennon's "imagine." ♪ imagine there's no pizza ♪ i couldn't if i tried ♪ >> this video unearthed this week from the omaha "world herald" from 1991. from the omaha press club
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meeting of that year. ♪ imagine only burgers ♪ ♪ >> why is he wearing a choir robe? >> he has put a gospel album out in the past. the man likes to sing. the video coming out is 20 years old. do you think this will help or hurt his campaign? >> it's going to do neither. it will give people a good laugh and that's about it. >> beth, you've got a good voice, i highlighted some lyrics on the bottom. i wonder if you could bust them out for us. ♪ imagine mozzarella ♪ anchovies on the side ♪ and maybe pepperoni ♪ rounds out your pizza pie >> that's some good lyrics. >> that sounds like a good order. you want to order that? >> that's not a good order. >> i think you and herman can do a duet, doing this sog. ♪ after a recent big concert,
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everyone wants to know, who's the girl with kenny? >> i'll tell you who she is, she's who you need to download on to your ipod, because she's good. >> it's a multimillion-dollar yacht. but the designers may have forgotten something. it's supposed to float.
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wants to trauk talk to you about some "it" girls that popped up over the weekend. first one had everybody wonderering. her name is grace potter and she did a duet with kenney chesney at the welcome j. clinton foundation concert. ♪ ♪ ♪ if i was from paris ♪ if i was from paris ♪ i would say ooh-la-la >> that's her singing "paris ooh-la-
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ooh-la-la." peer are saying who is this girl? you need to download her on it your ipod. >> she looks like heidi klum. >> i don't think heidi klum could dance like that. >> another "it" girl is tamara ecclestone. her dad owns formula one. she gets her own reality show called "billion-dollar girls." she posed in some pictures without much on except some pumps and a million pounds. these pictures were posted on and male online got copies of them. >> in a time when people around the globe are protesting because their economies have failed, that's just tasteless. >> i would like the power to be able to go get a million pounds and pose in it. >> everybody would love that power, but to rub it in the faces of people who can't do it. >> she's not rubbing it in their faces, she's rubbing it on her body. it's a big party in china for the launch of a luxury
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yacht. going to take tourists around. the christening ceremony. the first time the thing's going to touch the water. uh-oh -- >> no, it doesn't. >> wait a second. yeah, this thing was built for $2.66 million. >> they misjudged the water level and the rear part of the yacht -- filled up and sank. didn't even get to go on its maiden voyage, this was just a test run to see if they put it in the water. no one was hurt. pulled it out of the river, there's going to be a new trial scheduled for next month. >> at least when the titanic crashed there was the guy that said -- awesome! >> a big exciting moment this one was they're just putting it in the water. >> poor guy. he was moving his arms and yelling at people. >> he's probably the one who fronted the $2.6 million. >> whoever built this boat, their career is sunk. >> sunk. musical alpaca.
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♪ ♪ there's nothing in the world like having a big brother. this is why. so 2-year-old millie is scared of her daddy's power saw. so 3-year-old brother luke is there to protect her. now watch this. he not only is hugging her, patting her on the back. but when the saw starts running again, he holds her ears and rubs her head. >> he's only three years old and look how caring he is of his little sister. >> very cute video. very cute. but -- do they have to be in the garage, if he doesn't like it so much, just leave.
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>> if i was this guy, i was like hey, let's get some ice cream or something, let's get out of here. >> a is for arnold, b is for -- well, you'll have to wait and see. we've got the alphabet of celebrity impersonation. >> the star was an attitude. >> a celebratory base jump turns into a horrific accident. find out what happens when a parachute doesn't open when it's supposed to.
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>> i just love bringing you guys the last and this guy, jim, is absolutely hilarious. >> a is for arnold, of austrian birth, who pumped up his ambition for all it was worth. >> he does impressions, he's a narrator and actor and his youtube channel is extremely popular because of his celebrity impressions in particular. this video is called the celebrity alphabet. >> c is for chloe, the world's hand somest man and a fit substitute for cary grant. >> j is for jack, the star with an attitude. for which he has earned all impressionist's gratitude. m is for malkovich who when he's enraged, has the best diction of any since geraldine page.
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>> those are my favorites, i love malkovich and nicholson and clooney, he is unreal. >> my favorite was jack nicholson, hands down. >> it was perfect. >> i'm amazed how he so effortlessly flows from one celebrity impersonation to the next. it's pretty amazing. >> flawless. >> his impressions get me. i like stalking the youtube web of watching people impersonate other people. >> z is z end, where everything halts, including our close-up. it's a great christopher waltz. >> a group of guys set out to find the answer to the gazillion dollar question -- what does good look like and what does he mean to you? >> if we had an idea of what he looks like, we wouldn't be able to be on this earth. >> god is indescribable. >> i'm an athiest.
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>> there's got to be something. >> the documentary is called "god in the box" it follows nathan and his crew on the explanation to find out the answer to those two questions. >> what does god mean to me. >> what does good look like to you? >> one of the producers is our very own nick calderon. and he is skyping with us today from the film festival in indianapolis, did you guys ever figure out what does good look like? >> we got a lot of different answers from 160 different people that went through the box. >> without giving away too much, with a was one of the weirdest things that somebody wrote or said in the box? >> you know, not necessarily weird. but one guy walked in and it got real personal. instead of saying it, he drew a picture that said he was standing on a hill top with a .38 special in his hand, about to kill himself and then he drew an arrow to the word god, and he
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said, that's what stopped him. when people felt that comfortable to share those types of thoughts, we knew we had an important project we needed to go ahead with. >> did you find people were more emotional than you expected them to be when they talked about god. >> i think we were surprised again by how genuine people were in a strange box. but i think that just speaks to how much people want to talk about this. but unfortunately, our society doesn't typically allow it unless you're in the confines and the comfort of your own church and when you're around people that know that, that share your beliefs, to go into a secure space and open up. was very therapeutic and heart-warming for people andor usfimmlakers f us to see. in the end the film didn't set out to answer questions, it set out to start a discussion and maybe make people more tolerant when they see others who have the same questions they do. >> nick, it's a really, really cool project, we're really insanely proud of you. >> thanks, guys, can't wait to
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come back and i'm sure i'm missing out on some cool, fun videos, looking forward to being back. doesn't it seem like every day there's some new robot that does a human's job better than a human can actually do? >> yes. it's starting to get scary, right? >> it's starting to get scary. and if your job is to solve the rubik's cube -- >> whose job is that? >> somebody's. >> you're out of a job, bro. this is the cube stormer ii. its mechanics are made completely of legos. and as you see here, all legos, using a smartphone and an android app, to be the robot's brain. they popped the rubik's cube in there and just wait until you see how fast this thing solves the rubik's cube. >> before you know it 5.35 seconds later, perfectly-solved rubik's cube. >> this is all from a lego-built robot and a smartphone?
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>> yes, ma'am. but you know what makes me feel like, okay, that's impressive but kind of messed up? four hands. we only got two. no wonder it can do it faster. one, two, three, four, right? >> that still means we should be able to do it in ten seconds. can you do it in ten seconds? >> i couldn't do it in ten years. >> it's sad for the rubik's cube guy whose job it is to solve rubik's cubes. we're planning something different for this friday. on "right this minute." we're going to be counting down the best videos and the best stories that we found on the web. and of all the videos we find all day long -- only 20 will make the list. >> we call it the rtm countdown and of course, it will be the best of the best. >> so join us and be part of the rtm top 20 countdown and choose your favorites. >> and here's what's coming up next on "right this minute" -- >> he died doing what he loved. now see how dan wheldon was a racing star from the start. and a slam-dunk contest.
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meet the dude crazy enough to jump his mom. >> okay. she said, all right.
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now see how she solves the mystery of the escaping twins. we kept finding the dane was ending up at the door and trying to figure out why and how exactly he was getting out. >> the ancient practice of whaling. only now, with motorboats and forklifts. is it ancient or modern? >> incredible pictures from inside a way of life. three times they tried to kill this cat. and three times she said -- today's not a good day to die. >> these stories this half hour. >> but first, a video that has the internet world saying -- ouch.
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>> i'm about to show you video of a base jump that didn't go the way as planned. >> what you're looking at is 27-year-old christopher ryan brewer, and he's about to base jump at the new river gorge bridge annual fest. the 32nd annual fest over this past weekend. his jump is flawless. >> he's not even doing a parachute. >> oh! >> he hits the water at what they believed 60 to 80 miles per hour. >> oh, man. now when he was taken to the hospital he was conscious and responsive. but they're still trying to figure out what went wrong that his parachute it only went off in the last few seconds of the jump. >> he was wearing one of those wing suits that we see a lot of videos of. >> they say the wing suit is what likely helped slow him down a little bit and made him fly kind of parallel to the water as
4:32 pm
opposed to straight down. >> i wonder at what point when he's going down he realized -- oh, crap. i'm in trouble? >> and what goes through your mind as you realize that your parachute is not deploying? >> and you know, you got to think, he's lucky this jump was above water. because if it was out in a mountain range somewhere -- >> and he hit -- yeah. >> we've seen people do this in cities. if it was a downtown area, come on, this guy's toast, forget it. >> we've seen the images of the accident that took the life of indy car driv,er dan wheldon at eaves speedway. i found a video that gives us a glimpse of his early love for car raicing. >> stay on, get as many points as possible. >> this is dan as a 15-year-old kid. he was a complete star from the very beginning. you saw all of those trophies that he had amassed. by the time he was 15, it really reinforces what people have said about him, that he was so driven
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that he was an amazing friend. an amazing person. and it really highlights what a loss this is for the sport. but also for his friends and the people that knew him. he moved to the u.s. in '99 to start his career as an indy car racer and it only took him six years to win the indy 500 in indianapolis. and he was the first british man to accomplish that. and he went to win that one more time after that. >> his dad and his mom were huge supporters of his career, from the get-go. they would drive him all over england when he was a kid. supporting his sport and his love for what he did. the night before the accident, he and his wife, susie, actually went out and got his and hers tattoos of their initials on each other's wrist. and that's just a sign of the relationship that they had. he has two sons, one of them was just born in march. >> i mean obviously his family is not going to forget him. his name's in the history books and the racing community is not going to forget him, either. slam dunk contest now a
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days, they're not about the dunks any more. they're about the props. ha can you include in your dunk? sometimes a car, sometimes a person. well, the guy in the next video kept it in the family for his prop. check this out, you'll see what i mean. this is josh thompson, he's 21 years old, a junior at wagner college in staten island, new york. this is a dunk contest. you see a little shake and bake here. >> you see the lady in the white? that's his mom. he jumps over her for the dunk. this was the 2011 madness before midnight slam dunk contest. but of course -- we had to find out more. we had find out more on "right this minute" so we tracked down josh thompson and he's joining us "right this minute." >> i have to ask you, because this an observation the ladies made -- you after you made your dunk, you went and you said, hello to your buddies and you started hugging them and you forget about your mom. >> my buddies kind of overwhelmed me a little bit. i couldn't get back to her.
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she walked off and kind of like shock. so, immediately, though, right after the whole midnight madness, i went and spoke to her. i think she said, well you said everything would be okay. before i did it, i whispered in her ear, i told her she would be all right. >> is that the first time you had jumped over your mom's head? or had you practiced the move before? >> never, never even thought of it before. it was my first time. i was jumping over my mom. >> you're both brave. >> josh, did you have a contingency plan if the dunk didn't work out? how were you going to apologize to your mom? >> honestly, i didn't want to think that far. the man himself, samuel l. jackson joined twitter last week and the tweeples are loving him. >> people have welcomed me with open arms. >> here he is at the premiere of his brand-new broadway show, "the mountaintop" with angela
4:36 pm
basse bassett. >> he took some advice and started asking some of his celebrity pals to retweet and get him some followers. >> when they started to do that, the ordinary people i guess on twitter were going, hey, you don't have to be a twitter or people following you. all you have to do is tweet and people follow you. we're just glad you're here. >> he wants to get normal followers and he's almost got 200,000 of them because his tweets are so cassically samuel l. can a [ bleep ] say [ bleep ] on here? on october 14th, he says, so my dresser, found a two-foot lamprey in a puddle on the street last night. how do you think it got there. >> how did he spell the f word? it looks french. >> it's samuel l. jackson, so it's going to happen. >> you can follow
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him@samuelljackson, pretty simple. and see his daily monologue. i have a story where tradition meets technology. we found this story at "the new york times".com. october 8th was the first day of whale-hunting season in barrow, alaska. an ancient tradition that the innup yat eskimo would do as part of their tradition, they would whale and use the meat through the winter and use part of the whale to make housing, drums. >> the good lord gave us these animals that have sustained us for thousands of years. >> they're talking about this ancient practice. but they're using a motorized boat rather than a canoe. they're not dragging the whale in by hand. they're using loaders, and forklifts. so is it ancient? or is it modern? >> how can it not be modernized? that's where the world is right now. and if it's going to make it he's wrer for them to practice
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this, i don't see an issue. >> so the whale is an endangered species, there are about 11,000 of them left. >> at the end of the day, no matter how they do it, modernized or not, they're hunting an endangered species. >> commercial whaling years and years ago made this an endangered species. certain indigenous tribes are allowed to hunt these whales and they are given a limit. >> maybe putting a hold on this for a few years gets them to be not on the endangered list and continue to put a limit. america, they've had genous so much put on them that wasn't their choice. i'm really reluctant to ask more. >> our hearts are lifted, there's sunshine. we've been very, very blessed. it turns out, series not so smart after all. >> i don't know what you mean by -- block. >> and she's a bit of a potty mouth.
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[ bleep ]. they say cats have nine lives. well, this one's used three. you might call her a miracle cat after you hear the story. woman: we love ordering sushi,
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but it was getting expensive. teen: have you seen captain stewie and lil' miss neptune? dad: did you look all over the place? under your desk? teen: they're fish, they live in a bowl. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. by now you guys have probably heard about the new features on the iphone 4s despite not knowing how to
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handle somebody's accident. >> searching address for work or home. >> a japanese man is trying to send an email. >> siri asks this man -- do you want to send an email from your work account or home account. >> work. >> i don't know what you mean by wok. >> the first to guess is wok. >> work. >> don't understand. wrong. >> then he guesses wall. then see what he guesses a little bit later. >> work. >> i don't understand -- >> who knew siri would bust out the f-bomb this quick in her life. >> computers are very specific in what letters this he need to hear. and the way they need to hear them. so i'm not surprised by this. but you would think that they would have it in multiple languages, because the iphone 4s
4:43 pm
went on sale in multiple countries. >> there's an accent to the way he's saying work. it sounds like walk. and he -- >> sees speaking english. so the poor guy just trying to send a work email and can't do it. >> in the amount of time it took him to try to go through all of this, he could have sent the email from work using his hands. >> the old-fashioned way, as they say. ? sorry, i don't understand. baby elephants's first step. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] . . it's baseball's dirty little
4:44 pm
secret and it's mud it takes the shininess off the ball. you don't want to make it too dark, then the hitter complain. then they don't have a grip. >> did you guys know they used mud on baseball. >> i didn't know that they did it before on a brand-new ball before they even made it out onto the field. but did makes perfect sense. >> it started in early 1900s. where i think a player was killed. and then they started to mud the baseballs. >> they found this special kind of mud from new jersey, from the delaware river. >> blackbird was a player and a coach. he used to fish in this area. he saw this mud and he experimented with it. and -- came up with -- this magic mud. >> it's funny to me that there's 3-d cameras and in baseball you
4:45 pm
can have these 360-degree cameras where you see the guy diving in slow motion. yet there is still some guy rubbing dirt on baseballs in like -- you know, the back office in some stadium. like that's kind of disgusting. >> it's a special kind of mud. do you think that some guy grows up saying, i want to be a baseball mud-rubber? >> it does help hitting, they're saving people's lives. >> it's mud. the kind of mud i played with as a kid, i think. it's mud to me. ah, the terrible twos. first it was a toilet seat. now it's the crib. the mom of six boys tells us how she caught her escape artist in the act. and this dog becomes possessed? >> oh, she is not happy about this. >> did you see her eyes? they were like glowing. >> what's got this pooch so spooked?
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the little boy with the toilet seat on his head? the brothers are back. liam and dane are in their little crib because it's nap time. so they're suppose dodd go do bed. except -- no problem for him.
4:49 pm
oh! done. >> that is hilarious and probably every parent's nightmare, thinking that's going to happen in the middle of the night and they'll get out of the house. >> if you remember their mom, sheryl edwards does have six sons, never a dull moment. she's on skype. sheryl, my goodness, i don't know how you do it. six boys, what happened here? >> we kept finding that dane was ending up at the door. we were trying to figure out why and how exactly he was getting out. so i decided to put the camera in the closet and film him. and well, there's our proof of what was going on. >> i love that he goes and gets the camera at the end of the video. do say i'm going to hide the evidence. >> they're sneaky because they waited until you shut the door, the coast is clear. >> check this out. >> it's just the one. it's just the one that's the escape artist. the other stays put. >> he likes to observe and study and see what his brother does. >> to make sure that no injuries
4:50 pm
occur and usually he follows shortly thereafter. >> you make having six kids seem like so much fun. >> it is fup. i can't say having six boys is a huge challenge. they are really great kids to have and i really just get some joy getting to know all of them. >> you've heard the saying that cats have nine lives, right? >> yes. >> in case, can really might be true. >> andrea is a cat, picked up as a stray and was selected to be euthanized by the city's animal shelter. this happened at west valley, utah. >> after they ran the gas chamber the employee opened the chamber and found that she was still alive. so the employee closed the chamber and he ran the gas again. after running the gas a second time, he thought that she was dead. >> what they do with the animals when they take them out of the gas chamber is they put them in coolers. about 35 minutes later, a couple of shelter employees came in to
4:51 pm
put a dog that they had just euthanized in the cooler. they heard a me yoe. they herded meow, louder. they tore open the back, there was andrea, looking at them, terrified, wide-eyed and very much still alive. >> oh, my god. somebody adopt this cat. that's a good point. because andrea the cat is available for adoption. >> do you want to adopt this cat? now you know -- it only has seven lives left. >> you know what i mean? >> just because it only has seven lives left doesn't mean it's not worthy of love and affection. >> i want a fresh cat with nine fresh lives that aren't used up already. >> he's a rescue. you know they come with baggage. >> you think it held its breath? that's what i think, it was in there like -- >> the cat held its breath. >> at halloween, it's important to keep your dog safe. because they might get scared of all the flashing lights that they see. but this one in broad
4:52 pm
daylight -- the singing tree, scared somebody's dog. there's luna. luna saw this and wasn't a fan. now i looked at this singing tree and i wasn't a fan. i thought it was a little spooky. take a look. >> that is the weirdest-looking thing. >> that's why people -- wait, look what happens with his eyes. >> oh, she is not happy about this. >> did you see her eyes, they were like glowing. like -- >> is she a devil dog. >> the singing tree possessed luna. even in broad daylight. >> if i was there, i would probably -- my eyes would turn colors, too. that's weird. >> they're going to make you guys excited or maybe a little nervous. >> see how someone could be taking secret pictures right under your nose. >> that's really cool. like something james bond
4:53 pm
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practice a new gadget, they're going to make you guys excited or maybe a little nervous. the video i saw on youtube, i want to show it to you, it's a beautiful sunset in ontario, canada. i was trying to figure out how are they filming this. something's weird about this. when i read the description, they're filming it with their sunglasses. these are cameras on a pair of sunglasses. that this person is filming with. i was like, whoa. >> that's really cool. it's like something james bond would wear. >> the thing is, they're selling these, it's called sun canada, they're selling them from $70 to $115. you can get these glasses, they have cameras on them. >> i think sunglasses cameras have been around, we've gone undercover in the past. i've used them in different scenarios. i don't know those were especially made for us.
4:58 pm
but -- >> how much do they cost? >> i have no idea. >> i didn't realize they're available for anybody in the general public. >> and a cool application for this is you don't have to carry anything or press buttons or hold anything up. wear them every day of your life and see how many times you pass someone on any given day before you actually need them later in your life. how many times that person has ever been in your vicinity and then later on, you meet them and they end up being someone meaningful in your life. >> who is going to analyze the footage? >> it's going to take forever. >> some weird idea. >> that's our show for the day, thanks so much for spending time with us and we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
4:59 pm
an east baltimore girl was raped in a prohouse and police are searching for her attacker. the body of a child was found in a wooded area and why police believe it may be 11-year-old william mcquain. should the gas tax be raised in maryland to fix the road. the maryland said yes. the tea party and others say no. we'll have the latest. police are trying to find a man who raped a girl in a vacant home in east baltimore. the girl was 13. jeff hager has more. >> reporter: a young girl walking alone down the street. the man approached the girl at


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